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PushedToInsanity is dedicated to providing you with the latest and best FREE Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Sony Vegas Intro Templates, Outro Templates, Banner Templates, and everything you need for your YouTube videos! Please subscribe to keep up to date!TOP 10 FREE Intro templates. This video is one of PushedToInsanity`s series in which he showcases the best intro templates on YouTube! TOP Intro series:TOP 10 FREE Sync Intros 2015: 50 FREE INTROS 2015: 10 FREE INTROS of January 2015: 10 FREE INTROS of 2014: TOP 10 Best Intros: 10 BEST FREE INTROS: 20 BEST FREE INTROS ON YOUTUBE: Top 10 BEST Free Gaming Intros: 10 BEST OUTROS: of ALL my FREE Intros, outros, banners and more! TOP 10 BEST FREE INTROS: PTI ON GOOGLE PLUS for FREE INTRO GIVEAWAYS!: 10 best sony vegas and after effects intro templates! Should I upload more top 10`s? Maybe an outro version? Let me know! Hope you enjoyed. More sony vegas intro templates will be uploaded! If you guys would like more after effects, sony vegas, and cinema 4d intro templates please request which of the 3 programs you would like me to upload intro templates for. Currently I have a lot of people requesting after effects and sony vegas intro templates. Let me know what you want! Need custom graphics? My Shop: www.pushedtoinsanity.comInterested in joining a network and make money from your videos? Join my network today! www.arios.caWant to make professional designs yourself? Check this out: me on twitter and like me on facebook for intro giveaways regularly! Facebook: #10.➵Download:➵Creator: #9:➵Download:➵Creator: #8:➵Download:➵Creator: #7:➵Download:➵Creator: #6:➵Download:➵Creator: #5:➵Download:➵Creator: #4:➵Download:➵Creator: #3:➵Download:➵Creator: #2:➵Download:➵Creator: #1:➵Download:➵Creator: